Final Fantasy XIV offers more screenshots and clues to the content of patch 6.2, Buried Memory

This looks less than welcoming.

The special site for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming patch 6.2, Buried Memory, has been updated with new lore and screenshots. They provide an interesting contrast in styles: Screenshots of the untamed land on which you will be establishing your Island Sanctuary, for example, look like an absolute unspoiled paradise that simply begs for creating a small place to call your own while enjoying the unmitigated local splendor. Meanwhile, the void dungeon the Fell Court of Troia looks like the least pleasant place to spend even five minutes in, helped not one whit by evil demon heads attacking with their tongues.

There’s void-corrupted and then there’s just wrong, guy.

Beyond the new screenshots, there’s also some new information contained, confirming that Sephirot will be the next Uneal trial and the promise of revisions to various MSQ trials including Good King Moggle Mog to make them more accessible to new players even as more dungeons get duty support NPCs added. If you’re eager for more information, the next live letter on the patch will arrive on August 12th; the patch itself is expected later this month.

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