Lost Ark’s powerpass is still inexplicably disabled after 10 days offline

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If you’re a fan of paid boosts in MMOs, then you’ll be disappointed to know that the system is currently disabled in Lost Ark with no ETA for its return.

Amazon Game Studios “temporarily” took the powerpass system offline on July 26th, but as of last night, the company admitted that it’s still down. “Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve an issue involving the use of Powerpasses,” the studio wrote. “We are still working on a solution, which unfortunately means that Powerpasses will remain disabled until further notice. We will provide an additional update as soon as more information is available.”

Essentially, players can’t buy any passes at the moment, nor can they use any passes they’ve been saving up for a future alt. So players hoping to roll an alt and get them ready for the current daily and weekly quests will have to get to endgame the old-fashioned way: by doing all the content start to finish, skipping cutscenes and quest dialogue.

Amazon hasn’t gone into detail on the impetus behind the disable. But theories from Reddit, the Steam discussion boards, and the official forums range from bots abusing the powerpass system to an exploit involving chargebacks and credit card fraud.

Hopefully this will all be resolved by the time the totally-not-Ironman Machinist releases within the next two months… or even before we get the upcoming umbrella wielding Aeromancer class.

Trying to buy or use powerpasses right now will lead to this screen
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