Blue Protocol’s release slips to sometime past 2022 as a result of Bandai Namco online games restructuring


There has been a long and worrying silence out of Blue Protocol, the anime MMORPG being developed by Bandai Namco; it’s been so long, in fact, that we have been left wondering whatever happened to it. Today we have some news on that front, though it’s probably going to taste bittersweet to those who have been eagerly following the project.

First off, the bad news: Bandai Namco’s General Manager of Development Hiroshi Yoshida stated that new online releases like Blue Protocol, according to Google Translate, would be arriving in “the next few years from 2022,” emphasis ours. This is owing to a restructuring of the company’s development structure in order to better align teams of developers working on online titles.

Executive Producer Soukichi Shimooka additonally wrote about the MMO’s future in a dev blog to fans. According to a translation from fansite Blue Protocol DB, the devs have global aspirations for the MMO and are working hard to ensure it meets a broad standard of quality. “Currently we are still improving the game, and evaluating all the feedback from the users gained during the playtests throughout 2019 and 2020,” Shimooka writes. “Our team is working its best to not betray our own policy, and to meet and exceed these expectations.”

source: Bandai Namco website (1, 2) via Reddit and Blue Protocol DB
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