Final Fantasy XIV shares a few more details about the upcoming Moonfire Faire

Faires past

It’s almost time for the next go-around of the Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy XIV, which means that a new posting from the community team detailing the rewards and a little more about the quest following the official announcement. While it doesn’t reveal all of the details of this year’s story, it does promise that a certain obstacle course will be returning to the beach of Costa del Sol, meaning there’s a jumping challenge for players to take on as well as presumably including a much larger and longer puzzle for those who want to really test their skills.

And your rewards? Well, clothes, of course, but clothes that you can dye a number of fetching colors to match your personal style. And the big front-lawn bonfire which, despite the Dark Souls reference in the posting, will not allow you to respawn right there in the event of a death. Sorry. Check out the full rundown and get ready for the event itself arriving on August 10th.

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