Multiplayer shooter ARPG Space Punks adds a new planet and tweaks respawning in latest update


Remember Space Punks? It’s the multiplayer ARPG looter shooter being developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex; the game entered paid-for early access in July 2021, then entered free-to-play open beta this past April. We’ve streamed the game a couple of times, and our Not So Massively columnist Tyler found the game to be “a comedy that’s not funny” and “a game with no real depth.”

Even with those demerits, development of the title is indeed pressing onward as the game has launched The SpOiled One update, and no, that’s not a case of incorrect capitalization; the title is referencing the “dusty and oily” planet of Spor that’s the highlight of the update.

“This latest update introduces players to the dusty and oily Spor where they are invited to explore an environment full of new hazards and challenges. Fight the digital infection with three exciting Get-A Job missions and two challenging Timed Events, ride the Toxicart in ‘Toxic Byproducts,’ top up the Jerry-Can in ‘Need SpOil ASAP,’ or get chased by an orbital laser of doom in ‘Moving Target!'”

The other big ticket feature for the patch is an adjustment to how respawning works: Now individual players who are killed when playing with a team can wait for a respawn timer to tick down or another player to revive them, with subsequent deaths increasing the wait time for the next respawn. This change applies to every location but the Crack, and naturally if everyone in the team dies, it’s game over.

In addition, the update brings a new mission HUD, new enemy modifiers to monsters on Stopan and Bannik at higher power levels, and a streamlining of crafting. The full patch notes provide all of the details.

sources: press release, official site
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