Monsters & Memories works hard to get Ogre armpits just right


Indie MMO project Monsters & Memories is powering through the hot summer months to build up some of the essential backbone of this fantasy experience. While the team doesn’t have any one massive thing to announce in its latest report, by reading the post, you do get the impression that the team is covering a lot of essential ground.

This ground includes reworking the topology of Ogre armpits (seriously), improving animations, coming up with new monster concepts, continuing to build up the Night Harbor region, revamping the newbie yard, adding cat rooms (“dog rooms coming soon,” the devs cryptically tease), and whipping up UI elements and mockups. There has also been a lot of work done on the tech side, including database restructuring and login server integration.

Speaking of the UI, the team said, “You can see that we’re concepting integrated customization of core UI elements. The goal is to enable players to easily set up their UI to their preference, even if they’re not technical (via drag and drop, un/dockable tabs, etc).”

Source: Monsters and Memories. Thanks Nick!
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