EVE Echoes’ second anniversary adds a new enemy group and an implant system, preps for an August 19 parade


This week marks two years since the release of EVE Echoes, the alt universe mobile edition of EVE Online, and the devs are celebrating by giving players a new enemy to fight, a parade to take part in, and some implants to power up their mobile Capsuleer.

The Sleepers have awakened in the game’s anniversary update, bringing with them a new Dormant Realm PvE encounter that players can team up for in order to take down bosses that increase in both difficulty and rewards. Among those rewards are new implants that players can augment into their characters to learn up to 12 different abilities to customize their growth.

The other major piece of this update is a new event called the Voyage Ceremony, which is happening on Friday, August 19th. Players are invited to join an in-game parade to show off their signature style while the whole affair will be broadcast live on YouTube.

source: press release
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