Blade and Soul outlines the solo dungeon arriving with its Dawn of Darkness update


The party piece of Blade & Soul’s upcoming Dawn of Darkness patch is the Shrouded Ajanara, a solo dungeon challenge for players to take on. But how does that work, exactly? Well, friend, the devs have a post ready to tell you all about itu. And it’s free, too!

The Shrouded Ajanara dungeon will only be available to characters that are level 60 and Hongmoon level 25+, offering three levels of difficulty and a host of rewards for clearing relevant quests. The dungeon is also meant to train players for the dangers of the Dark Realm and the Dark Lord’s return, so there’s that.

On the subject of the dungeon’s rewards, those scale based on the difficulty level and includes things like emblems, etching stones, and several different chests full of goodies. Additional rewards can be earned by completing dynamic quests, earning achievements, or trading in emblems. The Dawn of Darkness rises on Wednesday, August 10th, so players may want to prepare to train.

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