Last Oasis applies ‘the first of many’ balance patches to address schematics and stamina complaints


Now that Last Oasis’ Season 5 update is out in the wild, players are naturally providing reactions and feedback to the self-described “LOverhaul” and developer Donkey Crew is putting out patch updates to adapt to player feedback.

The most recent such update, which the devs call “the first of many,” specifically targets the survivalbox’s schematics and stamina systems: Tech from schematics can now be permanently unlocked at Rupu shrines, while stamina is seeing a base recovery increase and a lower cost when harvesting or using the grappling hook. In addition, tools are seeing a durability increase and walkers are getting much more HP.

One of the other sticky wickets for the game is the matter of PvE difficulty. As of right now, the spinner remote weapon has gotten a bit of a nerf and the Skirmisher enemy is getting a less damaging javelin weapon, but the devs note that difficulty balance will be a challenging line to toe. “There’s quite frankly no ideal solution, some people love the difficulty, others hate it. There’s no easy way to find a balance that does not upset one or the other group,” the post admits.

source: Steam
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