Little Orbit talks APB Reloaded’s 64-bit update and new blockchain online shooter STFU

Load it up.

Little Orbit is getting quite chatty these days, which certainly benefits All Points Bulletin: Reloaded desperate to hear about the future of their title. The studio’s CEO, Matt Smith, posted an update in which he said that the team decided to drop a huge Unreal engine upgrade in favor of making the current client 64-bit.

This has produced better results, Smith said: “In comparison to the Engine Upgrade, this is a much smaller scope project with various individual tasks that we can complete in a shorter amount of time. The end goal of 1.3x is to deliver something that players can actually ‘feel’ in terms of performance, while not changing too many ‘moving parts’ of the original Unreal 3.0 Engine.”

Little Orbit also delivered a manifesto about its embrace of blockchain and “Web 3 Gaming” with its new Ships That Fight Underground online shooter. The studio said that it acknowledges people aren’t on board with NFTs: “If you ask a hard core gamer about NFTs, it’s highly likely they will end up melting down. The hate for NFTs is real.” Readers will recall that Little Orbit had previously asked its Fallen Earth playerbase about NFTs and was resoundingly rejected.

The studio said that it’s using a “hybrid solution” for this in its shooter: “With STFU, we will be implementing what we are calling Web 2.5: core game design and development by a dedicated and talented team, revenue distribution that rewards the community, and players having the choice over owning tradable assets and blockchain interactions.”

The company does not say it will port a blockchain infrastructure to Fallen Earth or APB Reloaded, though it says STFU will be its “first game as an experiment with this new approach.”

Source: APB, Little Orbit
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