RuneScape throws a party to celebrate players’ creation of 300M accounts


300M is no small number and is the figure that RuneScape is heralding this week. Specifically, players have made 300M accounts in the MMORPG, and the devs are celebrating with a special event at the Grand Exchange.

During the event, players can collect balloon fragments from activities that grant XP or from using lockbox keys. Balloon fragments come in several different colors (or rarities) with white being the most common, then blue, purple, and gold.

A total of 200 fragments of the same type can be cashed in for balloons filled with items like cosmetics and GP, and everyone who starts the event will be granted a free celebratory set of cosmetic glasses. In addition, there’s another double XP event that’s running between Friday, August 12th, through Monday, August 22nd.

“This is a moment to celebrate all of you who bring this world to life and mark yet another milestone for the history books,” reads the post. “While not every account represents a unique player, each one represents someone’s time, effort and interest in spending time in this world. That’s pretty darn awesome and we’ll never forget it.”

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