BitCraft addresses skills, building access, the world map, and pettable dogs


Can you pet the dog in BitCraft? This is among the important questions players on the game’s Discord have asked of the developers, and it’s among those that are being answered in a Q&A post. Here are the highlights:

  • Will there be hidden skills? No, since all skills will be available from the get-go and can be improved through use, but there will be specific recipes discovered as players gather or craft that reveal themselves as characters improve.
  • How will sharing building access work? “The finer details on how exactly a group of people can organize permissions inside a land claim are part of BitCraft’s social features and are still in development” as the devs consider how to manage abandoned claimed sites.
  • How much procedural generation will the game’s world map feature? That depends on a few things like how sophisticated the world generator is, but right now most of the world is procedural while finer terrain details are hand-placed.
  • Dovetailing from that, there will be a variety of different biomes as well as different forest types, and monsters will gradually ramp up in danger outside of settlements in order to create cozy places for players.
  • How player-driven will the game be? “The advancement and progress of civilization in BitCraft will be fully player-driven. Settlements, the roads to connect them, and the goods to trade following those roads will all be created by players.”
  • Will there be dungeons and caves? Not at launch, but plans could expand to add underground layers post-release.
  • But can you pet the dog? “Having an animal companion and not being able to pet it, would obviously be inappropriate as every pet owner knows, so we have to make sure, we are getting this right.”
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