Blizzard addresses Wrath Classic feedback, refuses to budge an inch on dungeon finder decision


In the midst of testing for next month’s release of Wrath Classic, Blizzard’s lead software engineer posted a lengthy response to a number of issues and topics raised by the community.

The plan for raid lockouts were laid out (“lockouts should be shared between Heroic and Normal versions of the raid, but NOT between 10/25-player versions of the raid”), account-wide mount and achievement unlocks were denied, and achievements and titles for 2v2 arenas will be doled out.

Blizzard also announced that it’s changed its mind… on selling race and faction changes, which will come later down the road.

The dungeon finder was brought up again, and it’s not going to make fans of the system happy: “We continue to iterate on the bulletin-board style looking for group tool, and we do not have plans to add the random dungeon finder. For players, this has probably been the hottest topic of discussion since our announcement, and we welcome all the continuing feedback on how to improve the tool and make it better. I know this will be disappointing news for some, but we want to settle this topic before launch so everyone knows what to expect and can plan accordingly.”

But will fans of Wrath of the Lich King’s dungeon finder allow the topic to be settled just because Blizzard really wishes people would shut up about it? That’s another question entirely.

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