New World’s delayed Barnacles and Black Powder expedition goes live today – here are the patch notes


Last week, New World had to push back the release of its Barnacles and Black Powder expedition as a result of an unexplained issue, but it looks like that issue has since been cleared and it’s all ahead full for the pirate-themed delve to arrive tomorrow after some downtime maintenance.

Details on this new expedition haven’t changed according to the patch notes for the update, as they link back to the earlier Medleyfaire update – that means the new dungeon as well as the three new mutators for existing expeditions are arriving with the patch.

On top of the new instance, this patch brings several fixes for crashes, transfers, and hidden stashes, and applies several UI updates for song selection, the trading post, and the in-game store.

It looks like Amazon has a typo in its timezones; it apparently meant 11 a.m. PDT and 6 p.m. UTC today, not 11 p.m. PDT and 6 a.m. UTC, which would’ve put it tomorrow. In any case, PR says the update is live as of this afternoon, not tomorrow, so we’ve adjusted this article accordingly.
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