Path of Exile studio took on hosting duties for the player-run wiki


About one year ago, a group of Path of Exile players had a dream to make a definitive player-run wiki to compile all the useful information that the game’s players could want in one place with easy accessibility. This was, in fact, a good idea. It was such a good idea that it saw heavy use and immediately incurred significant hosting costs for the players running the wiki. So Grinding Gear Games has gone the extra mile and has taken over the hosting duties for the wiki, thereby sparing players the cost of hosting this resource and making it more accessible to everyone.

Now, the announcement of this is quick to point out that as of yet GGG has in no way taken over the responsibility of moderating or adding content to the wiki, which still relies upon player contributions and editing to have accurate info. However, the studio is open to the idea in the future; for now, it’s just focused on deferring any costs incurred by fans. It’s a nice gesture to make sure that the player-run site is available without being an undue burden on others, so that’s a good thing.

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