Wizard101 preps guilds and raids while Pirate101 gets into a pillow fight


Big things are afoot in the magical land of Wizard101. This month, KingsIsle is testing two new huge features for the game: guilds and raids. Raids will be “a series of high-level challenges” while the guild system will run a little askew to normal MMO designs.

“Guilds in Wizard101 will be a bit different than your average MMO games. We wanted to make sure guilds were done in a way that makes sense for our unique player community,” the studio said.

Meanwhile over in Wizard101‘s sister game, Pirate101 is enjoying the recently added event system and is getting ready for a pillow fight next week: “Who needs flooring when you can gather enough pillows to cover the entire square-footage of your home? Pillow fights are back! Pirates were given the opportunity to earn Crowns in July by gathering pillows from Skull Island enemies.”

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