Final Fantasy XIV player develops a functional book controller for playing Scholar

Now we learn.

Have you found yourself playing Scholar in Final Fantasy XIV and thought to yourself that it just doesn’t feel immersive enough when you’re casting spells by hitting buttons instead of actually scribbling in a book? Have you ever looked at a nonexistent camera, informercial-style, and exclaimed that there has to be a better way? Well now there is one with a fan-made controller that allows you to play the job by actually scribbling in a book and heal your party that way.

All right, scribbling in a book to cast Broil while your fairy handles healing the party. That’s Eos work.

Memes about the job aside, the actual build is an interesting one with a queued button input and a touch sensor on the actual page to make scribbling on the page the way to cast spells. It’s pretty darn cool to see in action, and mad props are due to Super Louis 64 for building a functional book controller for the job. Theoretically you could probably use it to play Summoner too, since you have a book there as well, but it just looks cooler when you’re healing the party by scribbling in a book while scribbling in a book in real life.

Source: Twitter
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