Temtem releases a trailer detailing endgame activities ahead of its September 6 launch


The so-called “Golden Week” of dev blogs from creature collecting MMO Temtem already shared details about the Tamer’s Paradise archipelago, an endgame-focused location for higher level players, but perhaps you’d rather see those features in action in a video. Luckily for you, developer Crema Games has done just that.

The trailer showcases the various activities players will be able to take on in Tamer’s Paradise, such as challenging tamer fights in the Arch Tamer’s Sanctum and the Gritten Draft Arena, the custom match Digilair that awards an egg to hatch, the Temtem Safari that lets players take on different categories of critters every week, and the maze-like climb of the Ever-Shifting Tower.

Taking on the challenges of the Paradise will award players with Feathers that they can use to purchase cosmetics, home decor, and useful battle items, while additional cosmetic rewards can be gained from the Tamer Pass. There is a lot of time between now and the Tuesday, September 6th, launch of the MMO, but it also looks like there’s a lot to do at the top end.

sources: press release, YouTube
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