Bless Unleashed celebrates its one-year anniversary while ignoring its play-to-earn announcement

And... NO.

It’s been a year since Bless Unleashed returned to PC players, and developer Valofe has been celebrating through the month of August with a pair of updates meant to mark the milestone and maybe help people forget its play-to-earn transfer aspirations.

Two recent updates to the game have brought on login rewards, XP buffs, and various goodies that can be bought with anniversary coins that drop from monster kills. The devs are even giving out an anniversary coupon code to redeem, and an event running this weekend will task players with taking down plague-bearing monsters.

As for the game’s play-to-earn transition that Valofe announced in April, a check of the Wemix game platform that’s set to be hosting the MMO still doesn’t have it listed, while a look through update news between April and now has no timeline for the shift. Presumably, that transition is still coming and the devs would rather mark a year of operation instead of remind people that P2E is bad and dumb.

sources: official site 1, 2, 3), Wemix Network, Twitter
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