Elder Scrolls Online previews the Lost Depths DLC’s Graven Deep dungeon

Just in case it wasn’t obvious by its title, the Lost Depths DLC coming to Elder Scrolls Online is going to involve some form of underwater adventure. That content will be in the Graven Deep, an underwater complex in the Abecean Sea and the focus of another preview from the MMORPG.

“All who sail the Abecean Sea know of the perils of Graven Deep, a mysterious region infamous for the disappearance of many a vessel. Unfortunately for you, your ship is this treacherous region’s latest victim, and you and your party have washed up on a mysterious uncharted island at the center of it all. Thankfully, you are not alone, as the Mages Guild explorer Dhulef has also survived the shipwreck and has a mission for you.”

Naturally, getting to the bottom of the sea will involve some Dwarven technology and will put plenty of underwater monsters in the path of players, while rewards that await in the dungeon include the Grave Inevitability set, the Dhulef’s Hydrosphere memento, and a Mulberry Hermit Crab pet among other rewards.

ESO players will get to roll in the Deep when the new DLC launches on August 22nd for PC and September 6th for consoles.

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