Requiem Online’s reboot opens its haunted house for pre-registrations


It was just a couple of years ago that we were asking, “Whatever happened to Requiem Memento Mori?” The bloody horror MMORPG launched in 2008, but it never quite latched on with a wider audience. In an attempt to stay relevant, it continued to rebrand itself with mini-reboots.

Hey, look at that — it’s time for a rebranding and reboot! Requiem Online, as it’s now being called, is relaunching on August 25th, although players can go ahead and pre-register right now for the gory experience. Those that do will receive some extra goodies, including 24 hours of VIP time, some gear, some ornaments, and an implant.

Studio Gravity Interactive said that this version of the MMO comes with a few new surprises. Those include a PvP revamp, new ultimate skills, class balancing, and a better cash shop. The studio also nixed world PvP with Requiem Online, electing instead to hold player-vs-player conflicts in battlegrounds.

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