Valheim offers another Mistlands update preview, promises a fix for game crashes soon


The developers of Valheim are back once more with another couple of screenshot previews of the Mistlands update, which Iron Gate says will be “chunky” as well as full of new food items as evidenced by one screenshot. Personally, I’m wondering why that viking looks so angry with such a spread before him.

The post confirms that the Mistlands area will feature new materials for crafting, which in turn means new food items for characters to gorge themselves on. The other preview picture also has a look at a building designed with the black marble material – perfect for the players who want their home to look a little extra expensive or spooky. Once again, there’s no release timing for this update.

In addition to the Mistlands previews, the post confirms that a fix for game crashes that have occurred over the past month is being tested and should be available to players soon. In the meantime, there is a guide available that players can follow to regain any lost progress they experienced after a crash.

source: Steam
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