Atlas’ upcoming Summer Tune Up patch primarily focuses on fixing a wide variety of bugs


It’s time once more for Atlas to hop on its steamroller and run over some bugs hiding in its pirating sandbox. The self-described Summer Tune Up patch will mostly focus in on attacking the many bugs that have plagued the game over the past few months in order to bring it into a more stable state before updates in the fall.

The fixes in question cast a pretty wide net, attacking bugs associated with floor tile placement, sail placement, text inconsistencies, map collision, and much more. The patch isn’t entirely without new content either, as it also introduces a new poison arrow and the return of the Trackless Waters region as a Lawless Tundra area.

The patch was originally meant to launch earlier this week but had to be delayed to Wednesday, August 17th; the update should land at 10:00 p.m. EDT, but the patch notes can be read now.

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