Kritika Global’s latest update grants players one free character slot and adds a new character


Kritika Global, the action MMO that came back as a P2E zombie version of its former self and then shambled back to Steam without the P2E but with an awful cash shop, has decided to relent a bit on the “awful cash shop” part. Emphasis on “a bit.”

Thanks to a patch from earlier this week, players are being granted one free character slot, which readers will remember otherwise costs $50. The update further tweaks several items that can be purchased with Combine Tokens, reduces the costs for awakening legend and mythic pets, and adds a new character by the name of Lina.

In more immediate news, the devs have put out an alert regarding a hotfix that is arriving today, August 12th, which will close the Diamond Auction because of an exploit and address a couple of bugs.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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