Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases pilot and player city updates, counts almost 20K new player houses in 2022


It’s been a relatively quiet summer for the Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers, but that’s only because devs are heads-down working on fall updates. SWG Legends, for example, just released its summer newsletter, which is loaded with teases for the coming season.

“There’s ongoing work on future content that we anxiously await to share very soon, such as our upcoming Star Viper release for all the pilots out there and much-anticipated City Update 2.0 release that we aim to have ready to go for the city planners and many citizens to see,” the team writes. “While we can’t delve too deeply on those this issue, we definitely look forward to recapping the coming 3 months in our next newsletter” – which is expected in October. The Q&A section also confirms that decay and the TCG won’t be reimplemented and there are no plans for apartments off Bespin or a full engine do-over.

The rest of the newsletter chronicles the game’s first anniversary of Bespin, its Pride event, Empire Day, memorials, the upcoming Senate race, and the return of the Galactic Moon Festival in the fall. Number-crunchers and spreadsheet-junkies might want to peek at the infographics on offer; the team offers stats on the breakdown of master pilots, heroics runs, gunboat collections, and loot distribution. Most notably in 2022, almost 20,000 new houses have been placed, over 7500 new accounts were rolled, and over 6000 pets were created.

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