Trove’s Lunar Plunge brings back the battle against the minions of Q’bthulu until August 23


Eldritch horror that are boxy and colorful are still eldritch horrors, so players of Trove are going to want to perhaps handle the matter during this year’s edition of the Lunar Plunge event, which kicked off earlier this week and runs up until Tuesday, August 23rd.

This year will see players work with Lunar Knighted Qubesly, High Priest Lunavic, and Tauri in an effort to take on the invading forces of Q’bthulu’s corrupted wolves in the Fae Forest and Everdark biomes. Players can look forward to an eight-step quest that moves them through the event as well as a number of “amazing” new rewards.

Much of the event was previewed as part of an earlier developer livestream, offering looks at the minions and boss monsters that players will need to square off against. The preview is primarily part of that broadcast’s opening portion; fans can watch it below.

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