Guild Wars 2’s August 23 balance patch diversifies power and support builds for several specs


Yet another balance pass is coming to Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, August 23rd, and once again ArenaNet has decided to give players a deep-dive ahead of the patch’s release, which is looking to diversify power and support build options for the game’s classes.

The notes detail a number of updates made to power-based builds for a wide variety of specs and a couple of condi builds for the Tempest and Berserker, as well as some core weapon tuning tweaks that increase autoattack damage for ranged weapons and grant might to other players for weaponskills that grant the boon.

The updates all pretty much fall on the buff side of adjustment, and are tuned with PvE in mind. If that sounds like your playstyle, then interested players should get cozy and prepare for a fair bit of reading – there’s a lot of granular detail to sift through.

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