Global Chat: Dispatches from Blaugust 2022


By now, you may have caught wind of Blaugust 2022 — the latest season of a community effort to encourage, promote, and educate new and returning MMO bloggers to the field. This year, Blaugust has more new participants than it’s had in a very long time, and I thought it would be a great boost if we could highlight some of these fresh blogs for you to check out. Let’s get started!

A Day in the Life of Flash reminisced about time spent in Toontown Online: “Toontown Online was my first MMO, and I played it for many years. When it shut down me and my brother were sad but thankfully a group of fans decided to come together and make Toontown Rewritten, a fan server that aims to be a close to the OG experience as possible with some QoL and new features here and there.”

Cinder Says sees a little of herself in World of Warcraft: “The things I liked about being Pandaren were that she was a little like me (chunky and quirky) but had traits that I wanted in myself – to be cute but fierce, funny, able to chill out and have fun, not take herself too seriously… All the things I struggle to be and do.”

Cubic Creativity does not have good memories of League of Legends: “Writing about this game is not something that fills me with joy though: The game is a vampire that I want to drive out of my life once and for all by giving it a eulogy in form of this article.”

Digital Visceral has thoughts about how to make tab-targeting MMOs more interesting: “Suddenly, I couldn’t rely on my usual combat rotation. I had to employ a new strategy and ease off on my spellcasting until the curse expired. The encounter had thrown me completely off-guard. It was unusual. It was dynamic. It was engaging.”

That'll cost you money.

Meghan Plays Games reviewed Animal Crossing: New Horizons a while back: “Despite these few hiccups, the majority of New Horizons is better than any Animal Crossing title before. The sheer amount of customization options in the game is phenomenal.”

The Ghastly Gamer talked about four dead MMOs brought back to life by fans: “Because of this popularity, fans created FreeSO, not only have brought the original games, but they added some improvements like enhanced 3D graphics, avatar and content tools, and even… drivable cars among other things.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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