ArcheAge’s September fresh start server features faster progression to catch players up


If you’re a new arrival to ArcheAge, you probably feel woefully behind when it comes to character progression compared to others, which might have an effect on your engagement with some of the more sandboxy elements of the MMO. Thankfully, the new fresh start server coming to Kakao’s ArcheAge should hopefully alleviate that problem, as it will feature faster character progression overall.

The new server, which is set to open on Thursday, September 15th, will buff loot drops and various XP earnings by two times on weekdays and three times on weekends, will not impose gates to content in order to let players engage with the things they want, and will grant additional rewards for completing certain weekly tasks. The post offers all of the specific dates and details, including land rush timing and graduation timing to let fresh start characters move to a regular server.

As for the regular servers, the latest patch introduces a new Street Rascal’s Request event, a couple of bug fixes, and a couple of tweaks to labor consumption for farmhand quests among other things.

source: official site (1, 2)
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