Book of Travels elaborates on how it’s adding lore without spoon feeding it to players

Looking for more to make a boat work.

Walking the Braided Shore of Book of Travels is meant to expose players to stories as they go without leaving trope-y audio logs or other lore dumps, or at least that’s the goal that developer Might & Delight is trying to meet according to its latest dev blog.

This will primarily be done through the vehicle of item descriptions and upcoming new encounters and events, along with the promise of worthwhile NPC interactions. The writing team has already written over 15,000 words of new lore, and this coming autumn and winter will bring those words along with new dialogue, small encounters, and a mystery that waits to be discovered in the prologue.

“We want the storytelling of Book of Travels to feel intuitive, and like something you unveil as you travel, with every item in the game world telling you bits and pieces of information, we’re hoping to add another layer to your roleplaying and immersion,” the post explains. “We’re hoping that, from the very start of the game, you’ll feel the call of the open road, and that the stories you encounter along the way will not only entertain, but stay with you.”

source: Kickstarter
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