Destiny 2 outlines mid-season PvE adjustments to several weapons and armor pieces


There’s still about a week left in Season 17 of Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean the devs at Bungie are done turning the balance knobs. This past weekend’s news bulletin pointed out a variety of mid-season changes, which were originally planned for Season 18 but are instead coming to the shooter ahead of schedule.

These adjustments include buffs to exotic weapons like added intrinsic anti-champion functionality, a tuning down of other exotic weapons that were “causing issues,” and an overall buff to certain weapon archetypes like lightweight bows, scout rifles, high-impact auto rifles, and grenade launchers. The update will also make some perk adjustments and clarify some of the descriptions on certain perks.

Other notes of interest in the weekly digest include confirmation that text chat has returned to all versions of the shooter, more elaboration on additional balance adjustments planned for Season 18, and the usual spotlights on community created videos and artwork.

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