Last Oasis vows to improve the current ‘chore’ of traveling, readies Sleeping Giants map


When a game’s entire design forces you to always be on the move, you might rightly assume that getting traveling right would be of paramount importance. It’s certainly an area that the Last Oasis team is addressing, as Donkey Crew has admitted that the current state is “more chore than a challenge” to use travelling tunnels to traverse maps.

“We’ve seen some routes suggested by the system being so long that it can sometimes take literal hours to get to the tile you’re aiming for,” the team wrote. To fix this, some immediate improvements have gone into the game with others on the way for the future. This means that players now have more of a time buffer to plan routes without having to worry that their tunnels will collapse in mere minutes.

Other current projects slated to go live in the future include the introduction of the Sleeping Giants map, improved Rupu mobs, and a reworking of the PvP and rarity tiles.

Source: Steam
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