Pantheon Rise of the Fallen discusses classes, promises next test is ‘soon,’ shows off a year’s worth of progress


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has put together another developer livestream all about progress on classes and its world, and it once more offers up a few tidbits for followers of the PvE sandbox along with the usual progress reports one might expect from a broadcast of this sort.

The video starts with a question about when the next pre-alpha test is coming. After some dancing around the question and some chuckling, the devs finally settle on the answer of soon™ while promising that testing is gong well. “We don’t want to avoid the question, but to be truthful, we don’t have an exact date yet that we’re willing to share,” said senior content designer David Schlow. “We’re confident that we’re going to announce a date soon and that date will be in September.”

The video then moves on to class discussions, announcing that the Cleric class will be available in the next test. The video then goes into some more detail about the Dire Lord, Wizard, and Shaman classes, elaborating on changes made to each as class development rolls forward.

Finally, the video closes with a side-by-side comparison of progress made to the game’s world between 2021’s pre-alpha test and now. The comparison is a pretty stark one and was even made available as a separate video; both that showcase and the full broadcast can be seen below.

source: YouTube 1, 2)
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