Star Stable shows off an updated and more diverse character creator arriving in a September beta


While character creation is always an opportunity to put on a totally different look to your real-life appearance, there’s also value in seeing yourself represented when you’re putting together an MMO avatar. The options for doing that in Star Stable are going to see a significant improvement, which are being showcased in a new dev blog from the game.

All told, character creation will get six new body types and 12 new skin tones to choose from, on top of 12 new faces and a variety of makeup options including makeup-free looks. The new character creator will also feature updates to existing hairstyles. Work is still being done on adapting cosmetics tor the new body shapes, which means that some of these features are going to be added over time, but the team has at least managed to get animations for all bodies synced.

There’s no hard date for when these options will go live to the game, but the post notes that select players will be able to try out a beta version of this new character creator this September. Players who are tapped to test the feature will be able to share their creations, and further details on when everyone else can sign up to be selected for testing will be announced later. For the time being, everyone can get a peek at all of the new options.

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