Nightingale talks up its aspirations to be a unique survivalbox and a ‘story engine’ for players


You can’t fault the gaslamp survival sandbox Nightingale from wanting to continue to keep player interest high, especially after the devs at Inflexion confirmed the game’s early access would be delayed into early 2023, so perhaps bear that in mind when reading the latest interview with Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn.

The interview is primarily aspirational, with Flynn noting the desire for Nightingale to be a way for players to weave their own stories as well as engage in the game’s overall narrative. “We see certain trends like hero’s journey stories in games because nothing is going to put you in that world as well as a big RPG or single-player adventure game,” says Flynn, “But at the same time, isn’t it great to create your own story? Isn’t it great to finish a session with some friends? A former colleague of mine called them story engines, and that’s pretty cool.”

Flynn also talks about how the game will be different from other survival sandboxes, once more leaning on the crutch of the realm card system that has been talked up in interviews and video previews by the devs before. So while Flynn isn’t ultimately providing anything new, he and his team clearly have high hopes.

source: Wireframe
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