Sea of Thieves balances and disables some milestones, teases Heart of Fire novel


Sea of Thieves’ seventh season continues to chug along as Rare drops update today. The highlight of the patch is a new time-limited adventure, A Hunter’s Cry. “Venturing into the Sea of the Damned is a risky undertaking even without a band of renegades lying in wait,” Rare says, but you’re gonna try it anyway, right?

The patch also includes light balancing for milestones and fixes for the Captains of Adventure mechanics, though Rare does say that some milestones have been outright disabled for the time being.

Meanwhile, this week Rare began teasing its next novel, dubbed Heart of Fire; it’s available for preorder now, and it’s a follow-up to the 2018 Athena’s Fortune novel. “Heart of Fire details the rise and fall of Captain Flameheart, pulling back the curtain on the events that led to him being defeated and deprived of a physical form, almost 10 years before pirates (with a little help from Pendragon) unwittingly revived him,” author Chris Allcock explains. “The story portrays Flameheart in all his skeletal glory, wreaking havoc on the waves aboard his flagship, the Burning Blade.” The book’s even got a trailer:

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