Lost Ark KR shows off a new raid arriving August 24 as western players help design a pet on a stream


Lost Ark fans on our half of the globe are once again looking eastward, particularly in the direction of a newly released trailer that provides a sneak peek at content coming to the Korean version of the MMO on Wednesday, August 24th.

The primary focus of the video is the Akkan commander raid, showcasing the location, some of the dangers that are present in simply walking through the map, and naturally the fights that players will face along the way. For those who love the mechanics-heavy raids that Lost Ark has been providing to this point, the teaser video below likely has lots of things to whet the appetite.

As for the western version of the game, Amazon Games is continuing to get players excited for the arrival of the Pet Ranch on August 24th by way of a special collaboration stream with Adobe that was held yesterday. Viewers got the opportunity to watch a pet for the game get created live on-air with suggestions from the chat. It’s a cute enough collaboration, especially for those looking for a cuteness break after the much more threatening Akkan raid preview.

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