Path of Exile’s Lake of Kalandra expansion and league go live this afternoon


Happy launch day, Path of Exile fans! As usual, Grinding Gear Games has ensured that just as soon as you hear about an expansion, it’s already launching before you have time to blink, and that’s exactly how the Lake of Kalandra rollout is happening today.

This post is going live at 1 p.m. EDT, which is precisely when the POE servers go offline and patching begins. The PC servers will be back at 4 p.m. EDT (console, of course, waits a few more days until August 24th for their version), but in the meantimr, you can go snap up the 4.7GB patch from the standalone client and Steam, or you can get to work on the 31GB torrent.

MOP’s MJ took a peek at the expansion and its associated Kalandra League last week, so you’ve got some reading to do while you patch up!

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