MechWarrior Online adds even more shiny ‘Mechs and makes further quirk and weapon tweaks

Screw you, trees.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the patch notes for MechWarrior Online are kind of entering Groundhog Day levels of repetition, particularly since the robot battler’s latest patch has features that are similar to ones in July. And in April. Still, more tweaks and more platinum ‘Mechs are probably still welcome.

Sure enough, this patch adds the sixth bundle of chassis to the Platinum Collection, with spiffy new looks for Inner Sphere and Clan versions of the Warhammer, Rifleman, Mad Dog, Marauder, and Archer. The patch has also made a wide number of changes to quirks for several ‘Mechs and their variants – most of which appear to be buffs – and makes some changes to certain ballistic weapons, energy weapons, and Inner Sphere missile salvos. The patch contents might strike familiar, but the updates are likely worth a look for fans all the same.

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