Retro roguelike MMO Mythic delays launch to late September


Dungeon crawlers are going to have to assign a few more stat points to (P)atience if they were looking forward to dipping into the infinite labyrinth of Mythic. The two-person team recently announced that the MMO is being delayed from this week until September 29th due to the remaining work required.

“We’ve been working 12+ hour days every day to try to get everything ready in time for release,” the team said. “But it’s become clear to us that we have to choose between not delivering when we wanted to and not delivering what we wanted to. We’ve made the difficult decision to delay the release rather than release something on time that isn’t ready. Our new launch date for Mythic will be Thursday, September 29th. We’re sorry to make you guys wait but we promise it’s going to be worth it!”

Mythic is a retro-styled roguelite where crowds of players can venture into a procedurally generated dungeon with “puzzles, enemies, bosses, and treasure.” It boasts five skill trees for character building and “punishing deaths” (but no permadeath). You can wishlist it on Steam.

Source: Twitter
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