Tower of Fantasy applies a fix and issues compensation for a bugged gacha banner


Tower of Fantasy is a game with a gacha monetization model, which means that those who engage in the practice of pulling for a big shiny item should expect it to work. Late last night, however, one of the game’s gacha banners started experiencing an issue, leading to a small scramble from the devs to address, fix, and ultimately hand out compensation for the problem.

The offending banner was related to the Nemesis Special Order, which saw both the banner unexpectedly go offline and related currencies from the event turn into a different currency than what they were supposed to.

The devs have since applied a fix that went live early this morning, which has preserved both progress to guaranteed rewards and returned the correct amount of banner currencies, though players who have already spent the incorrect currencies will see that amount deducted from the appropriate balances; if players ended up with no Black Golds/Base Chips, it will show up as a negative number. In addition, everyone will get some extra cash shop currency, while those directly affected by the bug will further get extra cash shop currency within the next five days.

sources: Twitter, official site, thanks to Hikari for the tip!
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