Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2, Buried Memory, is live with the new Island Sanctuary content

This looks less than welcoming.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting more story in Final Fantasy XIV since the first teases back when patch 6.1 arrived, your wait is finally over. Buried Memory is live on the game’s servers today, bringing with it new MSQ installments as well as a new dungeon, a new trial, new portions of Pandæmonium, and of course the completely new Island Sanctuary content, which almost everyone has been awaiting with barely restrained enthusiasm. So that’s going to probably be everyone’s priority, not the MSQ.

Still, the patch brings with it balance adjustments and mechanical improvements as well, with several slight tweaks to damage for tank-role jobs and a few improvements to damage for Machinists (while removing the duration improvements for summoned Machinist pets). Check out the full patch notes and get ready to launch into a world of void exploration and island living when you get the chance to play this evening. Or now, we don’t know what your schedule looks like.

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