Fractured Online plans September 2 free-play weekend ahead of early access launch


We’re just three weeks out from the early access launch of Fractured Online, and if you’re still in wait-and-see mode for the MMORPG sandbox, then maybe this promo will nudge you over: Dynamight Studios and Gamigo have announced a freebie weekend open to all comers. The event runs from September 2nd to 5th.

“Explore the worlds of Myr and Aerhen, take on powerful enemies with your friends as you rack up Knowledge Points, craft powerful gear, use it to show off what real craftsmanship is like or sell it to other adventurers for coin to expand your trading empire,” Dynamight says.

In conjunction with the free-play weekend, the studio is also running a special spawn event that will flood Syndesia with baddies thanks to the Obsidian Rupture, so that ought to focus testers together, and surely they’ll all be attacking the bad guys together and not each other. Right?

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