The Elder Scrolls Online locks the Tales of Tribute campaign following an unexpected bug

The very whitest of strakes.

The arrival of Update 35 for The Elder Scrolls Online should have been an occasion for joy and good fortune, but it seems to have caused some issues for Tales of Tribute players unintentionally. And it wasn’t a minor issue, either; the entire campaign has been locked right now because it turns out players were being dropped to a lower rank. So the campaign is currently disabled and will not be re-enabled until the developers have identified and fixed the problem, with the hope being that this will be sorted out before the update launches for console players at all.

Once the fix is in place, players should expect to see their progress restored to where it was before the update caused errors. Until then, you can still queue up for casual matches as you desire, and the designers are working to fix the issue as fast as possible. Hopefully there are other elements of the recent update you can enjoy to take the edge off any frustration over the delay.

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