CCP Games is hunting for veteran DUST 514 players to test its next EVE universe FPS


If you’re hankering to take peek at CCP Games’ next big thing – and yes it’s another attempt at an EVE Online-universe shooter – then you’re going to want to swing by Reddit, which is circulating a survey from CCP London.

“We’re busy working on a top-secret, unannounced FPS game and we need your help,” the studio’s pitch reads. “We’re going to be running secret playtests, focus groups, and surveys with some select players to help make our FPS game the best gaming experience possible.” The survey warns players they’ll be under NDA, and a quick skim of the beginning of the survey shows the studio is asking for everything from mailing address and age to required Discord handle. In particular, this leg of the test will apparently be aimed at people who played DUST 514.

CCP Convict popped into the Reddit thread to confirm that it’s a legitimate survey, with clarity on why certain questions were asked.

“There are indeed a series of external playtests taking place for our London studio-based FPS project over the next several months. Each playtest will invite applications from different cohorts of players. eg. non-EVE playing FPS fans, non FPS-playing EVE fans, or in the case of this particular playtest: Dust veterans. The purpose of breaking up the groups of playtesters this way is so we can compare apples to apples when it comes to evaluating the feedback from each test. If you’re a Dust veteran then by all means put in an application, please just be aware that it doesn’t guarantee automatic acceptance into the test especially since the response to this has far exceeded our expectations. For those of you who aren’t Dust vets but would still like to participate in a playtest there will be one specifically for FPS-curious EVE players sometime in the future and we’ll let you know when that happens!”

This is all going down in the EVE Online subreddit, of course, so the replies are a bit salty, as many core EVE fans would rather not see CCP Games funnel money into yet another game that is not EVE Online following the collapses of DUST 514, Project Nova, EVE Valkyrie, and EVE Gunjack.

Source: Reddit
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