The Cycle Season 2 launches on September 28 with a new map, new battle pass, and a progress wipe


Regular players of the PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier are now seeing the twilight of the game’s first full season and the dawn of the next season. Developer Yager Games has announced a start date for Season 2, which will begin on Wednesday, September 28th.

This new season will introduce the game’s third map known as Tharis Island, which is noted in the reveal as a gorgeous, treacherous, and profitable location that holds some manner of dark secrets within its depths. The season will also bring another Fortuna Pass full of cosmetics for players to earn, and will also wipe character progression to bring every player back on even footing, though any earned Aurum and cosmetics will naturally carry over.

More information about Season 2 of the game is coming soon, but for now players can check out a new trailer below.

source: Reddit
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