ArcheAge launches a sky race event and adds more preservation bag collectors in latest patch


There’s not too much going on in the latest patch update for ArcheAge as far as content goes unless you count the Mirage Sky Race event that’s going on between now and September 15th. It is something to do in-game, and so that certainly counts as content. Technically speaking.

For those who would like to race in the sky, all that’s required is for players to head to the event area on Mirage Isle, meet an NPC to get specific mounts, and then take off through the sky and land at certain points. The event grants players a currency that can be used to buy crates, boosts, and cosmetics.

As for the rest of the patch, the major portion is the addition of multiple specialty preservation bag collectors at the community centers found at all regions of the game, along with a small list of bug fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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