GeForce NOW adds Guild Wars 2 and Destiny 2 to its streaming lineup

Shooty tooty.

Feeling the urge to take on some new streaming MMOs via GeForce NOW? Good news: The cloud gaming service has just added 13 titles to its lineup today. And particularly relevant for our particular site? Those titles include some new MMOs for people who may not have previously been using them on the service, with Guild Wars 2 and Destiny 2 coming to the options for everyone to enjoy from a streaming platform. Want to play GW2 and don’t have access to a computer that can play it at the moment? Now you actually do no matter what.

There’s even a promotion to take part in for Guild Wars 2 players, as members can claim an Emblazoned Dragon Throne for the game and thus enjoy a surprisingly-not-ended draconic experience if they’d like. Check out the full list of games now on the platform if you’re interested in streaming from other hardware to wherever you happen to be playing at the moment; it’s rather convenient, depending on your system at any given moment.

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