New World’s dungeon finder is finally live in this week’s update


Amazon is capping off the summer in New World by finally releasing the long-awaited group finder feature with its patch early this morning.

“Tired of looking for groups to run Expeditions with through Recruitment Chat? We are excited to announce that the Group Finder tool is now available!” the studio says in its patch notes. “With this feature, you’ll be able to access a specific Group Finder lobby listing for each available Expedition. Interact with an Expedition entrance or its related map icon to open the interface. Players may then browse listings created by others or post their own!”

Don’t get too excited (or fussed, depending); as our New World columnist Tyler noted earlier this month, the group finder is barely more than a “window for people to post LFG ads,” not a fleshed-out matchmaking system. Still, it’s a step above shouting in chat.

Other notable updates in today’s patch include bug fixes for the Barnacles & Black Powder dungeon, exploit fixes for Outposh Rush, and a few buffs for the Summer Medleyfaire event.

Source: Patch notes
As of this afternoon, Amazon’s dropped a whole blog post with a rundown of how to use the tool. “We plan to roll out additional features in future updates,” the studio says. “There is currently no way to view Group Lobbies for all Mutated Difficulty levels at once. That functionality is a high priority for future versions of Group Finder.”

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