Skull and Bones talks up the performance benefits and features of its PC version


It’s not going to come as much of a surprise to players that the PC version of Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull and Bones is going to be a bit more powerful and nicer-looking than the console editions. Even so, the devs would still like to tell you all about it in a dev blog and a video.

Many of the bells and whistles that PC players have gotten used to will be available for Skull and Bones, including 4K HDR visuals, raytracing tech, widescreen support, and the ability to uncap framerates. Of course, that’s dependent on the components in players’ machines, so the post also has a chart that outlines the minimum hardware required to play at various resolutions; if you’re looking for the silkiest view, you’ll need a 10GB GPU at the bare minimum, while those with a 6GB GPU can hit 30FPS at a 1080p resolution.

PC-specific options aren’t just limited to visual flair, as there will also be fully remappable keys, controller support, various audio adjustment options, and an FOV slider. Finally, the post confirms there will be cross-platform play between PC and console. For most PC gamers, this is kind of “water is wet” news, but it’s also probably nice to have confirmation all the same.

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